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My commitment is to work for sustainable projects.


In regard to sustainable urban development, public participation at the local (neighbourhood) level has proven to be an impetus for inexorable success. In my endeavours therefore, this has become my central emphasis and focus. A great deal of my experience has been working with the UN-Best Practice "Sustainable Urban District Vauban" in which public participation gave substantial impacts to the project.

At the Technical University in Berlin, I studied environmental sciences. Concerning my commitment in the field of environmental protection, while in Berlin, I very much worked with Friends of the Earth, and upon arriving in Freiburg I started working with Forum Vauban. Presently I am completing my PhD thesis "Citizens as Actors for Sustainable Neighbourhoods" (Aachen University, Department of Planning Theory and Urban Development).

Between 2007 and 2012 I was employed at the Oldenburg University and responsible for several research projects in the fields of energy, building remediation and emobility. In 2012 I joined a community in the countryside near Bielefeld. I am very much involved in the local CSA-project (Community Supported Aggriculture) and member of several NGOs and scientific associations e.g. Network for Sustainable Urban Development (NSE) Link.

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